July 7, 2016

  • Police Murders

    I noted with mixed satisfaction today articles by two black writers:

    Trey Ellis http://www.huffingtonpost.com/trey-ellis/the-police-hunting-and-mu_b_10859868.html

    Roxane Gay http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/07/opinion/alton-sterling-and-when-black-lives-stop-mattering.html?_r=0

    The murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were indeed tragic, avoidable, inexcusable, and outrageous.  The killers are unfit for careers in law enforcement.  I believe that only about 99%, because I don't know all of the facts of either killing.  But it seems highly probable that neither killer had justifiable reason to fear harm to himself.

    However, I don't agree with Rev. Al Sharpton that jail time is necessarily appropriate for either officer.  It's tough being a policeman, especially when encountering an armed citizen who is not being compliant.  It's obvious from the video that Sterling was not being compliant.  Castile apparently was even less deserving of being killed, but in his case, it seems entirely possible that neither he nor the officer followed proper protocol.

    When you're armed with a deadly weapon, as Castile was, it's imperative to make it clear to the officer that he is in no danger.  Castile immediately admitted he had a gun, but then apparently he reached into a pocket to pull out a driver's license instead of asking the officer how he should proceed.  And the officer should not have fired a gun into Castile's body until visibly seeing a gun (a fact I gleaned from hearing an interview on All Things Considered earlier today).

    I have more to say but Barbara just came home.  It's nearing 9 p.m., our bedtime.  More later.

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  • A tragic trend.

  • And then Dallas. I'm concerned that, when I heard that not one but two African Americans had been killed by police over 24 hours, I felt it was likely there would be some sort of violent protest last night. I am pleased today that the actual protest was peaceful -- but the violence was far more intense than I had anticipated. I live in a state known for its strong gun control -- but I'm afraid that it's now too late for effective control -- that horse is out of the barn. CA recently added a requirement of background checks for people buying ammo -- perhaps that will help, but probably not much. We need to work on the aspect of divisions -- racial, economic, political, etc. Perhaps Dallas will be the turning point?

  • Unfortunately there are no excuses for what happened the other day.

    fire the chief.

  • I was just reading that in Castille's case, he had the gun laying in his lap. I can see why the officer would have been leary.
    Total tragedy all the way round if you ask me.
    It's what can happen when people carry guns.
    I pray for the day when 'all weapons will be beaten into plowshares'. When all hands reach out to help one another, and not to harm one another.

  • @slmret: I'm afraid the only real gun control will be when we stop 'making' guns.

  • So much blood splattered all over the US soil. So sad.

    I received a beautiful card from Barb. Thank you both for thinking of me. I will write to her soon.

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