August 23, 2016

  • I was just reading a column written by Joan Vennochi in the Boston Globe, and I'm not even finished with it yet, but I wanted to share with you one of the early paragraphs.  By the way, she's describing Kellyanne Conway's job as Donald Trump's new campaign manager as "Mission Impossible."

    Here's that paragraph, and it's what I'VE been wanting to observe ever since the Trumpster started accusing Hillary Clinton of lacking stamina.  Vennochi writes:

    "Of various credible avenues of attack against Clinton, generating doubts about resilience is not one of them. She has endured years of interrogation about numerous alleged scandals, not to mention 11 hours of aggressive congressional questioning just a year ago about the Benghazi attack. Not even Clinton’s enemies think of her as weak. After all, you can order a Hillary Clinton “nutcracker.” It’s not meant as a compliment, but it does speak to a certain toughness."

    YES!!!!  That's exactly what I was thinking when the idiot Trump opened his mouth about that.

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